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Securing maintenance, cure and unearned wages

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Maintenance, Cure and Unearned Wages

Life at sea is not uncommon for residents in Alaska. Whether you live and work on a vessel or spend your workdays on a boat, there are many risks and dangers associated with these careers. As such, injuries are suffered by seaman and fisherman every year, giving rises to legal claims related to their work at sea.

Maritime law provides rights and protections for injured fishermen and seamen. As such, if an injured seaman or fisherman is not provided the benefits or protections they are entitled to, it is possible to make a claim under maritime law to secure them and even seek punitive damages.

Maritime claim

At Trueb & Beard LLC, we are a law firm of experienced maritime lawyers. As such, we have handled thousands of maintenance and cure claims, helping injured fishermen and seamen like you secure the benefits they are entitled to.

An injury at sea could greatly impact your health, quality of life and the ability to work. As such, maritime law designates that if an injury or illness occur while working on a vessel, it is covered under cure benefits. This means that all reasonable and necessary medical expenses are to be paid by the owner of the vessel.

Maintenance, cure and unearned wages

In addition to having injury or illness related medical bills covered under cure benefits, an injured commercial fisherman, fish processor, deckhand or seaman is entitled to maintenance benefits while they recover from their injuries. This maritime benefit provides for daily living expenses while the worker is unable to return to their normal job duties.

If it is determined that your injury has rendered you unable to do their job aboard the vessel, you are entitled to wages until the end of the voyage. This means that you can recover past lost wages in addition to future lost wages as well.

Matters involving the maintenance and cure doctrine can quickly get complex. As such, it is imperative that you have an experienced legal professional to not only help you understand your rights but also help you protect them.