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Alaska Regional Hospital

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Alaska Regional Hospital provides medical care to seriously injured fishermen and fish processors that work at sea in Alaska. The Maritime Injury Lawyers and Jones Act Lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, are located in Anchorage, Alaska. They make visits to injured crewman and their families at Alaska Regional Hospital to explain the complex maritime laws that govern a fishing accident case. Getting an experienced maritime lawyer to work on your case gathering evidence and protecting your rights is important to the compensation and the medical care which you receive.

Legal Help For Injured Maritime Crewman

Unfortunately, a moment’s negligence may lead to a lifetime injury that causes pain and limits your ability to return to work at sea. The lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, have handled thousands of cases involving commercial fishermen and fish processors. They have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients throughout the United States. From their first meeting with you, whether it be in the hospital, your home or their office – they get to work protecting your rights.

When you have been seriously injured the insurance company for the vessel and your employer starts to work against you, their job is to keep medical expenses to a minimum, and to pay you as little compensation as possible for your injuries. The insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company and not for you. The insurance company is talking to your doctors and making decisions about the care you are entitled to without you being a part of the decision-making process. Hiring an experienced maritime lawyer levels the playing field and helps you get all the benefits you deserve.

You Have Legal Rights Under Maritime Law

Under the Federal Maritime law doctrine of maintenance and cure, an injured seaman is in almost all cases entitled to have all medical bills paid for by the vessel owner. You are also entitled to maintenance payments until you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement. The lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, help injured fishermen and fish processors get a fair daily rate of maintenance.

Under the Jones Act, commercial fisherman and fish processors injured working at sea as the result of employer negligence, are entitled to full compensation for their injuries. Compensation under the Jones Act includes compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost past and future wages, and future medical bills.

We Work Hard Because You Work Hard

The lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, know the physical strength and fitness it takes to work at sea. We know how accidents happen working at sea, and how those accidents can be prevented. We have compassion for our clients and seek to make those persons responsible for their injuries pay fair compensation. Fishing profits should never have a priority over the safety of the vessel’s crew.

Let us explain to you the rights to compensation you have under Federal Maritime Law– call Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, for a free initial consultation with a lawyer that has handled hundreds of Jones Act and maritime injury claims — 907-802-4559.