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Jones Act

Jones Act Jones Act Jones Act

For close to one hundred years, a federal statute known as the Jones Act has given seamen the right to bring claims in either state or federal courts against their maritime employers for negligence – including the negligence of the vessel captain and other crew. Unlike the typical shore side situation, negligence need only be a cause of why the injury occurred. In the case of Jones Act negligence, a seaman is entitled to recover past lost wages, future lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and future medical costs.

The Jones Act exists to protect a seaman against the many dangers they encounter doing their work aboard vessels. Examples of Jones Act negligence include failure to properly train the crew, failure to have in place appropriate working and safety procedures, failure to provide a safe place to work, errors in judgment, errors in navigation, failure to provide proper clothing, failure to provide appropriate gear, failure to maintain gear and equipment, failure to properly man the vessel, requiring crew to work excessive hours, drug and alcohol use, violation of safety statutes, codes, regulations and standards, and sailing in known unsafe weather conditions.

Maritime insurance is meant to cover a seaman’s claim for Jones Act negligence. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling Jones Act claims. Our understanding of maritime insurance and the maritime industry, coupled with our understanding of maritime injury claims, including Jones Act negligence, unseaworthiness, maritime wrongful death, and maintenance, cure and unearned wages, gives you the added edge in having us resolve your maritime injury or wrongful death claims – be it by settlement or trial.