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Kodiak Maritime Injury Lawyer

The maritime injury lawyer Lanning Trueb, and his partners at Johnson Beard & Trueb, have been proudly representing injured Kodiak fisherman for over three decades. Our main office is located in Anchorage and our attorneys and paralegals live and work in Alaska. Our legal practice focuses on federal maritime injury claims. We are always on the side of the injured fisherman and do not represent vessel owners or their insurance companies.

Ask us about our past results representing Alaska fishermen. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients living and working throughout Alaska. Our lawyers represent crewmen injured aboard Alaska crab boats, trawlers, seiners, gillneters, and long liners. We haven’t handled just a few maritime injury cases, we have handled hundreds of Alaska fishing claims. The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb have represented the families of deceased crewman lost in Alaska fishing boat sinkings, including the sinking of the: Aleutian Enterprise, Alaska Ranger, Arctic Rose, Katmai, Vestfjord, Amber Dawn, Big Valley, Galaxy, Pace Setter, Oceanic, Pacific Apollo, and Lin J.

The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb understand fisherman and the risks and rewards that come with working the most dangerous job in the world. Our experience and success has made Johnson Beard & Trueb the lawyers Alaska fisherman trust when they have been seriously injured. If your injuries are permanent and disabling you need a lawyer that understands work aboard Alaska fishing boats. All commercial fishing accidents are preventable if proper equipment is provided and safety procedures are followed.

Federal maritime law provides legal benefits and compensation for injured Alaska fishermen. If you have been injured as a result of negligence you have claims for compensation under the Jones Act. The Jones Act provides compensation for damages that includes medical bills, lost wages, physical injuries, pain and suffering, psychological and emotional distress, and lost future wage earning capacity. The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb work with you and your doctors to get you the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

If you have been seriously injured working aboard an Alaska fishing boat the vessel owners insurance company immediately begins the process of defending against your claim. Maritime insurance companies are on the side of the vessel owner and your employer, they want to pay as little compensation to an injured fisherman as possible.

If you have been seriously injured you need an experienced maritime injury lawyer on your side to start protecting your rights. Never admit fault for an accident that is the responsibility of the employer or the vessel owner. Under the Jones Act any evidence of negligence that causes your injury even in the slightest supports a claim for compensation. Preexisting conditions are not a defense to a Jones Act claim where your injury was aggravated by the vessel negligence. The employer is responsible for any negligent act of a fellow crewman. The vessel owner owes you a duty to provide a seaworthy vessel and a safe place to work.

Under Federal maritime law, in almost all crewman injury cases, you have the right to maintenance and cure benefits. Your employer is obligated under maritime law to pay for your reasonable and necessary medical expenses. This may include transportation and housing costs while Kodiak fisherman are being treated by Anchorage area doctors and therapists. You have the right to chose your own doctors. Any medical dispute about your need for medical treatment should be resolved in favor of you receiving the recommended medical treatment.

You are also entitled to maintenance payments. Maintenance is a daily living allowance while you are recovering from your injuries. The rate of daily maintenance rate depends upon your living arrangements. The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb will help you get the daily maintenance rate you deserve.

Contact Johnson Beard & Trueb for a free initial consultation about your claim. If a lawyer at Johnson Beard & Trueb says you have a good case, that opinion is based on years of experience successfully handling Alaska maritime injury cases. Don’t guess about your right to compensation. Never sign a release of your injury claim without the advice of a maritime injury lawyer experienced in handling Alaska maritime fishing claims. Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Alaska , Washington, and Oregon. Call us today toll free at 1-888-277-0661 or 1-907-277-0161.