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Maritime Injury Claims Against Blue North Fisheries

If you been injured working for Blue North Fisheries, the maritime injury lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb are available to help explain to you the benefits and compensation you may be entitled to under federal maritime law. Contact us to discuss your potential rights to seek legal damages and compensation from Blue North Fisheries.

A moments negligence at sea can result in an injury that lasts a life time. For over three decades, when injury accidents happen at sea, Alaska fishermen have trusted the maritime injury lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb to get them fair compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering. The maritime injury lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb have experience successfully representing Alaska fisherman, deckhands and fish processors in all types of injury cases. We are always on the side of the injured crewman and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation from Alaska fishing companies like Blue North Fisheries. The maritime injury lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb know how injuries happen to crewman aboard Alaska fishing boats, and they know how those injuries could have been prevented if proper safety procedures had been followed.

Blue North Fisheries Inc. owns six Alaska hook line fishing vessels: Blue North; Blue Pacific; Blue Gadus; Blue Ballard; and Blue Attu. The newly constructed Blue North was completed in 2016 and has been fishing Alaska for the past two years. Blue North Fisheries is utilizing new procedures and technologies to facilitate a “green” sustainable use product. The newly built long line vessel utilizes an innovative moon pool type hauling station that the company believes will improve exposing crewman to rough seas.

Crewman and fish processors injured while working aboard vessels owned by Blue North Fisheries are protected by Federal Maritime Law. Injured crewman have the right to make claim for maintenance and cure benefits, and to seek money damages under the Jones Act if they are injured as a result of negligence or unseaworthiness.

If you have been seriously injured working at sea aboard an Alaska fishing vessel you need the help of an experienced maritime lawyer. The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb have been helping injured Alaska fishermen for over three decades. Call us for a free initial consultation, toll free at 1-888-277-0661 or 1-907-277-0161.