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Maritime Injury Claims for Alaska Crewman Against Alaska Coastal Villages

Injured working as a fisherman for Alaska Coastal Villages? If you have been injured working aboard the Northern Hawk, Deep Pacific, Lilli Ann, Arctic Sea or North Sea, the maritime lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb can help you make claim for maintenance and cure benefits and to seek fair and just compensation under the Jones Act and Unseaworthiness Doctrine. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for Alaska commercial fisherman and fish processors.

We are experienced in handling maritime claims for crewman against Alaska fishing companies. We can help you understand the Federal Maritime laws that govern your case. The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb are committed to getting fair compensation for injured fisherman. They understand vessel safety and know how a moment’s negligence can result in a life-time injury.

Coastal Village Regional Fund (CVRF) owns and operates the largest seafood company in Alaska. Their fishing vessels commercially fish for pollock, cod and crab. The Northern Hawk is a 341 foot catcher/ processor that employees a crew of up to 35. The Lilli Ann is a 141 foot long-liner which can carry a crew of up to 27. The Deep Pacific is also a longline vessel that fishes for cod.

Crewmen and fish processors working aboard Coastal Village vessels are protected by Federal Maritime laws. In almost all cases when a worker aboard a Coastal Village vessel becomes ill or is injured at work, Coastal Villages must pay their reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Under Federal Maritime Law you have the right to select your own treating doctors. In almost all cases the vessel owner has to pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses associated with your injury.

While an injured crewman is recovering from his injury or illness, Coastal must also pay maintenance, a daily living allowance. The daily rate of your maintenance benefits varies depending upon where you live and your living circumstances.

If injured as a result of negligence or unseaworthiness, you are entitled to make claims for past and future lost wages, impairment of your future earning capacity, and damages for your pain and suffering and emotional distress. The maritime injury lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb understand how injuries impact you, your family, and your ability to return to work in the future. Experience matters when it comes to getting fair compensation for injured commercial fisherman.

The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb have handled virtually every type of injury accident aboard commercial fishing vessels, including claims involving deckhand injuries and fish processor injuries. We have handled claims for crewman who have been injured: getting on or off the vessel; working in cargo hold; working on deck; working with cranes and winches; slip and falls on stairs, walkways and ladders; crab pot injuries involving pot launchers, line coilers, crab blocks, bait choppers, sorting tables; fire and explosions. Our lawyers have experience representing crewman with all types of injuries including those involving traumatic brain injury; loss of sight, balance disorders, neck and back injuries, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist injuries, amputations of hand and feet.

When Lanning Trueb and his partners at Johnson Beard & Trueb tell you that you have a good case, it is based upon years of experience successfully representing injured commercial fisherman. Let us put our experience in past cases to work for you. We haven’t handled just a few Jones Act maritime cases, rather it has been the focus of our practice for over 30 years. Our lawyers represented the families of crewmen in various Alaska fishing boat sinkings, including the Alaska Ranger, Arctic Rose, Galaxy, and the Aleutian Enterprise.

If you have been seriously hurt on a fishing boat in Alaska, you need a maritime injury lawyer with the experience of Johnson Beard & Trueb. For a free initial consultation about your claim call 907-277-0161 or toll free at 1-888-277-0661.