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Maritime Injury Claims Against North Star Fishing Company

North Star Fishing Company is one of the larger commercial fishing companies fishing in waters off Alaska. North Star owned four large factory trawlers: F/T Arica, F/T Cape Horn, F/T North Star and the F/T Unimak. The four vessels operate in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska catching and processing groundfish.

Working aboard factory trawlers can be dangerous work if proper safety procedures are not followed. When an injury occurs the injured fisherman is entitled to make claims under Federal Maritime law. Where the crewman is injured through negligence or unseaworthiness, compensation may include payment of damages for medical expenses, lost past and future wages, lost wage-earning capacity, pain and suffering damages and other general and special damages.

You Have A Legal Right To Compensation For Your Injuries

In almost all instances where a crewman is hurt or injured working aboard an Alaskan fishing boat, the crewman has the right to claim benefits under the “maintenance and cure “ doctrine. Comparative fault does not bar maintenance and cure claims. An injured crewman has the right to seek compensation for aggravation of preexisting medical conditions. The negligence of a fellow crewman is grounds to make a claim for compensation under the Jones Act.

Every vessel owner owes each crewman aboard their vessel a safe place to work. Crewmen must be properly trained and supervised. Equipment must be maintained in a condition that allows its safe use.

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