Over 80 Combined Years Of Maritime Law Experience

Do You Really Need A Lawyer To Recover Compensation After An Injury At Sea?

We understand the questions you have and the confusion you may feel in the aftermath of a maritime accident resulting in injury or death. For most of our clients, such an event is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Our attorneys, on the other hand, have 80 combined years of experience investigating maritime injury cases and bringing claims for the injured maritime workers whom we represent. At Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, we have a depth of knowledge as well as a strong track record of successful case outcomes.

We Are Here To Guide You As You Pursue Compensation

Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything at all in your initial consultation with one of our attorneys. Your first question may be the same as this webpage’s title: “How can a maritime lawyer help me?” Allow us to share some insights that may offer you hope at this difficult time.

An attorney brings experience and knowledge that comes from many previous investigations, claims, settlement conferences and trials. People without this experience often don’t realize what they need to know before talking with an insurer. A knowledgeable lawyer has the road map as well as confidence and skills that are necessary to investigate an accident and put together a successful claim.

A lawyer and other legal staff can lift your burdens. With a skilled, dedicated team at work for you, you can focus on the most important job you now have: recovery. Our attorneys and assistants work hard to handle the paperwork and many other essential details while you do your best to move forward.

An attorney is on your side. At Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, we are in the practice of law to protect our clients’ rights through the Jones Act and other legal remedies. Remember: fishing company insurance claims adjusters are primarily interested in paying as little as possible to conclude a case. A maritime injury law attorney from our firm, on the other hand, will work hard to help you recover the maximum available compensation.

We Are Confident That We Can Make A Big Difference For You

Maritime injury law is a complex and niche area of the law. Many personal injury law firms will not take on maritime or admiralty cases. Those that do often lack a record of accomplishments equivalent to the many noteworthy settlements and verdicts that we have recovered for our clients.

To schedule a free consultation after an injury at sea in or near Alaska, call us at 907-802-4559 or complete an online inquiry form. We’ve won millions of dollars for our injured clients.