Over 80 Combined Years Of Maritime Law Experience

Verdicts And Settlements We’ve Won For Our Clients

Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, is dedicated to helping injured seamen and their families recover compensation for their injuries and losses. Our attorneys have over eight decades of combined experience and focus exclusively on maritime injury law.

We have won millions of dollars for our clients. Below are just a few examples.

Processor Arm Injury Unguarded Conveyor $5,550,000
Deckhand Leg Injury Improper Line Handling $5,000,000
Deckhand Leg Injury Negligent Trawl Operations $3,500,000
Deckhand Head Injury Defective Log Barge Crane $3,300,000
Oil Response Deckhand Defective Winch $2,900,000
Processor Hand Injury Lack of Proper Machine Guards $2,500,000
Pilot Head Injury Defective Vessel Exit Procedures $2,300,000
Deckhand Arm Injury Defective Doorway Threshold $2,250,000
Processor Hand Injury Defective Machinery Guards $2,250,000
Processor Fire Claims Defective Wiring $2,000,000
Tug Deckhand Wrist Injury Defective Winch Dog $1,600,000
Deckhand Shoulder Injury Improper Trawl Procedures $1,500,000
Processor Back Injury Deck Rail Failure $1,400,000
Seine Skiff Accident Defective Tow Line Mount $1,300,000
Processor Toe Injuries Frostbite / Inadequate Clothing $1,200,000
Skiff Welding Accident Negligent Off-Gassing $1,200,000
Crab Deckhand Injury Hit by Crab Pot $1,225,000
Crab Vessel Sinking Icing $1,225,000
Crabber Foot Injury Improper Line Bin Procedures $1,100,000
Vessel Sinking Vessel Structural Failure $1,100,000
Deckhand Head Injury Hit By Seine Ring $1,000,000
Deck Hand Leg Injury Hit by Skiff Tow Line $1,000,000
Welder Ammonia Exposure Vessel Failure to Properly Mark Piping $1,000,000
Deckhand Neck Injury Oil Spill Response Vessel Negligent Procedures $1,000,000

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