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Maritime laws and your right to maintenance and cure

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Maintenance, Cure and Unearned Wages

Living near or on the water has its benefits. It provides beautiful sceneries and many employment opportunities. For those working at sea, these jobs come with many positives as well as risks. While the dangers that come with being a seaman or fisherman are known in Alaska, this does not mean they cannot recover when injured on the job.

Maritime benefits

At Trueb & Beard LLC, our skilled team of maritime lawyers are well versed on the maritime benefits afforded to fisherman and seaman. As such, when a fisherman or seaman is injured, our law firm knows how to expertly apply the legal protections provided under maritime law.

Maintenance and cure

In nearly all these matters, seaman and fisherman have the right to maintenance and cure. Maintenance refers to compensation during the recovery period. This essentially provides for the daily living expenses for the injured worker while they are recovering from their injuries and unable to return to their normal job duties.

Cure refers to medical coverage for the injured seaman, fisherman or fish processor. This is considered a no-fault benefit, which mean that if the injury or illness arises while aboard the vessel, it is likely covered under the cure benefit.

Filing an action

If you believe you are entitled to maintenance and cure benefits or unearned wages, you can file an action to recover these benefits. If a vessel owner willfully fails to pay maintenance and cure benefits following an injury to a seaman, a claim could be filed to not only obtain these benefits but to also seek punitive damages for this unlawful conduct.

Suffering an injury at sea or while aboard the vessel could cause significant physical and financial harm to a seaman or fisherman. As such, it is important to be aware of your benefits are rights.