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Ferry boat accident and legal rights of injured crew

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Firm News

When a large vessel transports passengers on the ocean or waterways in Alaska and elsewhere, one is likely to think of cruise ships. While this is true, other boats, such as ferries, are utilized routinely by residents, tourists, workers and commuters.

While many will habitually travel and work on ferry boats, this mode of transportation is prone to the same dangers and risks as others. However, when a ferry boat accident occurs, this could result in serious and even deadly harms to those aboard.

Ferry boat accidents

When a ferry boat accident occurs, it is important to understand that some accidents are unavoidable and out of the control of the operator or the crew. However, ferry boat accidents are often the result of human error.

Often, these human errors are related to the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of the boat operator, improper safety equipment, overcrowding or the misjudgment of adverse weather conditions. Other causes could be related to the improper storage of cargo, operating the boat under the influence, improper maintenance, mechanical failure, the ship operator falling asleep at the controls or an inexperienced operator operating the boat improperly or unsafely.

Injured crew

When a ferry boat accident occurs, anyone on the boat could be at risk of injury, falling overboard or even death. While the passengers are likely to have standing when pursuing a civil suit, crew members also have the right to sue under federal law for any injuries suffered in a boat accident.

Under the Jones Act, seamen are protected when it comes to any injury suffered or illness developed while working aboard a vessel. And in terms of vessels, this includes ferries. This Act helps an injured worker when it comes to helping with medical expenses, lost wages and other issues related to the injury suffered on the vessel.

A maritime accident can be a complex matter that can include a variety of federal laws and regulations. Thus, it is important to understand your situation, what legal rights you have and what steps are necessary to take.