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Maritime claims for injured maritime workers

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Working in the maritime industry can be a rewarding career, but many of these jobs hold high risks. Whether you are a commercial fisherman, fish processor, deckhand or hold another job at sea, maritime workers face many risks day-to-day. When an injury is suffered by a maritime worker, they are often not covered by workers’ compensation like injuries suffered by employees in other industries.

However, this does not mean maritime workers do not have a form of relief when an injury is suffered on the job. This is where the Jones Act and other federal maritime laws come into play, as these laws designate specific protections and rights of maritime workers.

Maritime injury

At Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, our law firm understands how a work-related injury can significantly impact a maritime worker. Because this industry is demanding and requires workers to be able to handle specific tasks, an injury could easily prevent the worker from returning to work until they are healed. With over 80 years of combined experience, are attorneys are dedicated to serving our clients and ensuring their rights are protected while we diligently work on their matter.

Maritime claims

Under the Jones Act, injured seamen are afforded the right to bring an injury claim against a negligent party in both state and federal courts. The negligent party could be the company at large, the captain of the vessel or a crew member.

The Act also provides benefits to the injured maritime worker. They have the ability to seek maintenance and cure benefits, lost wages and other similar benefits. Often, the doctrine of unseaworthiness is an aspect of the claim. This means that the owner of the vessel in question could be held responsible to the safety and operation of the vessel.

Maritime claims can get complex, and when you are dealing with an injury, they can be challenging to navigate on your own. A legal professional can give you a better perspective of your matter, helping you understand your rights and what steps you could take to protect your rights and interests.