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Alaska Native Medical Center

Call for a free legal consultation at Alaska Native Medical Center. Learn about your Federal Maritime Rights to Medical Care. Alaska lawyers for Injured Alaska Fisherman – ANCHORAGE MARITIME INJURY LAWYERS available 907-802-4559. We make hospital visits in Alaska.

In serious maritime injury cases, getting an experienced maritime injury lawyer working on your case with the doctors at Alaska Native Medical Center is important to getting you the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve. Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, office is located in downtown Anchorage. We are available to make hospital visits to injured fisherman and fish processors receiving care at Alaska Native Medical Center, as well as other hospitals in Alaska.

Legal Help For Injured Maritime Workers

The first question most injured fishermen and seaman have is who will pay for their medical bills, and how will they provide for their families while they are recovering from their injuries. The Alaska maritime lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, can help you understand the complex Federal Maritime laws that govern your injury claim. We can help you get the benefits you are entitled to, including payment of your medical bills, a living allowance while you are recovering from your injuries, compensation for your pain and suffering, future medical bills, and past and future lost wages.

Where appropriate, Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, will work with the doctors at Alaska Native Medical Center to transfer your care to a specialist where you live. Coordinating the transfer of care to proper medical specialists who can treat your injuries after leaving the hospital and ensuring continuous treatment is important to your recovery. Catastrophic injuries often require teams of medical specialists only available at large teaching hospitals. The maritime lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, take great pride in helping their clients get the medical care necessary so that their clients can have the best medical recovery possible.

We Understand The Industry And The Law

The lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, understand fisherman and their jobs. Our lawyers have over 75 years of combined experience representing injured fishermen, fish processors, and seamen. We have experience in handling all types of injury cases. The lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, have experience in handling cases involving: brain injuries; orthopedic injuries; burns; neck and back injuries; hand injuries; loss of vision and sight, knee, ankle and foot injuries, and infections.

If you are hospitalized at Alaska Native Medical Center because of a fishing or maritime accident that occurred in Alaska, the lawyers at Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, know how to protect your rights. As an injured seaman you are protected under Federal Maritime Law. You have claims under the Jones Act. You also have rights under the maritime doctrine of maintenance and cure. Your employer and the vessel owner in almost all cases must pay all your reasonable and necessary medical bills. You have the right to choose your own physicians and to receive all care necessary for you to have the best recovery possible for your injuries.

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When a serious accident results in serious injuries to a fisherman or fish processor working at sea, the insurance company for the vessel and employer begin preparing to defend your case and minimize the medical bills that must be paid. While you are recovering from your injuries in the hospital the insurance company is gathering evidence to defend and limit the compensation you may receive for your injuries.

You can even the playing field by hiring Trueb Berne & Beard, LLP, to investigate your case, help you get good medical care, and get you fair compensation for injuries that may last a lifetime. Your employer and the vessel owner owe you a duty to provide a safe place to work, proper equipment to do the job, reasonable training and proper supervision. Don’t guess about your rights under Federal Maritime law, and don’t admit to fault for an injury that was the employer or vessel’s responsibility. Contact us online to learn about your rights under Federal Maritime injury laws, or call 907-802-4559 today.