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Maritime Injury Claims Against Trident Seafoods

With a fleet of over 40 vessels, Trident Seafoods is the largest commercial fishing and processing company in the Alaska commercial fishery. Trident operates four catcher processors – the F/T Island Enterprise, F/T Kodiak Enterprise, F/T Seattle Enterprise and F/T Starbound. In addition to 15 trawl catcher vessels, Trident owns the floating processor Enterprise, two freight vessels, over a dozen tender, and six crab catcher vessels – the F/V Barbara, F/V Billikin, F/V Bountiful, F/V Far West Leader, F/V Royal Viking and F/V Southern Wind.

If you are injured aboard a Trident vessel, you have claims for maintenance, cure and unearned wages. Maintenance is a daily living allowance to help you get by during your period of recovery. Cure is the payment of all medical costs related to your injury, including transportation, doctor bills, hospital bills, physical therapy bills and prescriptions. Unearned wages are the payment of your vessel wages you would have earned but for your injury. With little exception, you are entitled to these benefits no matter how your injury – or illness – occurred.

If your injury is the result of Trident crew negligence or a problem with the Trident vessel on which you work, you may also have negligence claims under the Jones Act and/or unseaworthiness claims under the general maritime law.

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