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Maritime Injury Claims Against Icicle Seafoods

Icicle Seafoods is one of the largest seafood processing companies in Alaska. If you have been seriously injured working aboard a vessel owned by Icicle Seafoods you need maritime advice from lawyers experienced in representing injured fisherman. Injured fish processors have the right to claim compensation benefits under Federal Maritime law.

As an injured commercial fisherman you have claims for “maintenance and cure”. These benefits in most cases cover all reasonable and necessary medical costs related to your injury. You are also entitled to a daily living allowance, “maintenance”, while you are recovering from your injuries.

If you have been injured as a result of negligence, you have claims for compensation which include lost wages, lost wage earning capacity, future medical bills, pain and suffering and other general damages.

Icicle Seafoods owns three fish processing vessels: R.M. Thorstenson, Northern Victor, and the Gordon Jensen. Icicle also owns a fleet of catcher trawler vessels including the American Eagle, Anita J, Commodore, Impala, Progress, Storm Petrel, Ocean Hope 3, Half Moon Bay, Sunset Bay, and Hickory Bay. Icicle, as a vessel owner, owes its crewman a duty to provide them with a safe place to work. This includes proper training and supervision of the crew. The vessel’s equipment must be properly maintained to safely perform the job. Icicle is responsible for your injuries if you are hurt as a result of negligence of a fellow crewman. Aggravation of preexisting medical conditions are not a bar to recovery under the Jones Act.

When an injury occurs aboard an Alaska fishing boat the vessel’s insurance company, together with your employer, immediately begin to defend against your injury claim. It is important for you to have legal representation to protect your rights to compensation and to ensure you receive proper medical care.

In 2012, the Washington Supreme Court upheld a 1.3 million dollar punitive damage award against Icicle Seafoods (Clausen v. Icicle Seafoods). The Supreme Court upheld a jury award finding that Icicle Seafoods had willfully withheld an injured seafood processors rights to maintenance and cure.

In most cases involving Icicle’s processing vessels, Icicle pays injured fish processors under State Worker’s Compensation laws. Because of the location of these injuries close to shore, Alaska State Worker’s Compensation provides overlapping coverage to maintenance benefits and Jones Act injury compensation. In cases involving serious injuries, all fish processors working for Icicle should contact an experienced maritime lawyer to evaluate their injury claims and compensation benefits. In most cases Federal Maritime Law provides injured Icicle Seafoods workers greater benefits and injury compensation than Alaska State Worker’s Compensation. To protect your rights to Federal maritime benefits, your claims must be filed in Court within three years of the date of your first injury. Each sperate injury triggers a new three year statute of limitations.

The lawyers at Johnson Beard & Trueb, P.C. have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients located throughout the United States. Our maritime lawyers are licensed to practice law in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. Johnson Beard & Trueb are the lawyers trusted for three decades by Alaska Fisherman. When a lawyer at Johnson Beard & Trueb tells you that you have a good case it is based on years of past experience successfully bringing injury claims for injured Alaska fisherman and deckhands.

You should never guess about your rights to compensation. Contact an experienced maritime lawyer to discuss your claim. Never admit fault for an injury that wasn’t your fault and which could have been prevented by your maritime employer or the vessel owners.

Our Jones Act lawyers know how accidents can happen working aboard Alaska commercial fishing vessels. We know how your injuries will impact you. We will argue for fair payment of damages that will compensate you for your injuries, such as lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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